Hey Mom! What’s to do? I’M BORED.

Here on the East Coast we have been out of school WAY MORE than in it recently.

Between holidays, snowmageddon, snowpocalypse and a teacher strike the kids have been in school 2 days of the last 14 days (yes I counted weekends).

That’s A WHOLE LOT of time stuck in the house for anyone – especially little people.

In case it helps you keep sane I’ve put together a list of a few BOREDOM BUSTERS that might make the next few days a little more bearable. Have fun and remember – some day they won’t want to hang out with you – make the most of these moments, even if you think it might break you!

101 Boredom Busters – Uses household items to make your own fun.

Winter Science Experiments – If you dare!

Indoor Picture Scavenger Hunt – Use a digital camera to capture images of all the items on the list.

Elementary School Homework Printables – If you want to keep their brains sharp you can find some great activity pages here.

Stay strong –  they’ll go back soon.



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