Valentine’s Day is coming. You ready?

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?

Parents, that’s who.

First we have to get our hands on ‘the class list’ to decide how many ‘somethings’ we need per kid, decide what to give them that maybe won’t be thrown in the trash the minute they get home and then fight with our kids to write the godforsaken things BEFORE we send them to school on the morning of the 14th. Oh yeah – don’t forget to put them in the already too full backpack – been there, done that. Parent fail #3672.

Happy, happy, happy freaking Valentine’s day, right?

Well this year to add to the mix we cannot send any food products to little Savages’ class as there is a severe food allergy. No biggie, as I often do, I turned to Pinterest to save the day – I searched for non food related Valentine’s Day ideas… I found a SUPER cute bouncy ball idea and printed a bunch of toppers that said ‘Valentine, you make my heart bounce’. Savage stuffed the balls into mini baggies, she stapled the tops on and just like that we were DONE (for her anyway) – she didn’t have to write one, single name!

Free Valentine, You Make My Heart Bounce Printable

One down, one to go – naturally with 3.5 years between the two girls the oldest, Beast, wanted nothing to do with bouncy balls – she was ‘over those’.

Huh?? Did I hear that right?

Wasn’t it you JUST YESTERDAY fighting with your sister for YOUR turn with the bouncy ball you found under the couch?

Over it, my ass… (Serenity now)

Ok then Beast – no to the bouncy balls – got it – back to Pinterest for ‘age’ appropriate ideas… That’s when I found it – Pop Rocks Valentines – ha ha ha ha ha – YES! (pretty sure the 4th grade parents will all hate me but I’m always up for a little spice in my life.)

They are too cute – take a package of Pop Rocks, staple the FREE printable (which reads either ‘You Rock’ or ‘You Are A Blast’) to the front and your kid only has to write THEIR own name? You can handle that right? Beast nods emphatically YES.

Free Pop Rocks Valentine Printable

Done and done – one trip to the Dollar Store, a quick stop at Bulk Barn, some printer paper and in only a few minutes we were DONE with Valentine’s Day for 2017!

With all our extra time we took a few minutes to make a fingerprint heart canvas for me – who knows, it may be all I get. (Kidding Husband literally JUST brought flowers home on Friday so he’s good for awhile).

Oh yeah baby – if you need me I’ll have my feet up with a glass of wine toasting my amazing parenting ability.





2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is coming. You ready?

  1. You are my hero. I don’t even have Valentine’s bought yet. Ugh.. o and I also have to create a Valentine’s box for the cars to go in at school. And provide snacks.. ugh. That’s still a few days away right?! Hope so.. if its tomorrow I’m screwed!

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