Sometimes you have to take a chance on you.

I was miserable.

I HATED every, single thing in my wardrobe – I hated me, I hated EVERYTHING which, if you know me – is just not me. I just felt fat, emotional and mean.I didn’t want to go anywhere, or do anything.

I didn’t want to change but I knew I HAD to.

My huge master plan was to keep complaining about my body but not actually DO anything about how I was feeling.

How do you think that worked out for me?

As much as I hated how I felt I was afraid to fail. I had NEVER worked out, like EVER, EVER.

I didn’t want to stop eating treats and drinking ALL the wine. I had never had to watch what I ate before.

After a wonderful family vacation on Disney Cruise Lines I saw pictures of me in a bathing suit and for me, I knew I just couldn’t keep going that way. It was my wake up call. But where to start?

I knew people that were Beachbody coaches, I saw their posts – I saw how they had successes in their fitness journeys and decided it was time to try it myself. With the support of Husband we tried a Beachbody program called the 21 Day Fix – it allowed me to work out AT HOME (I was terrified of the gym – I had NO idea where to start or the first freaking clue about what to do with the equipment and was WAAAAAAY too self-conscious to ever take a class!), I had the online support of an at home fitness coach that kept me motivated and accountable every day) and used an eating plan that never left me hungry, was easy to follow and even allowed for an occasional treat.

It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T for me. I lost 20lbs, learned how to change my eating habits to maintain the losses and actually started enjoying the workouts. What the WHAT? True story. 3 years later (almost to the day) and my life is nothing but better for that leap of faith.

If you think you’re feeling the same way and feel I might be a fit for you I would love to chat about your goals and how I may be able to help you feel better about your every day.

#21DayFix #CoachLife #Beachbody #ChooseYou #YouAreWorthIt


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