Fitness falling flat? 5 tips to help you get your Fit On (again)

So you were ‘balls to the wall‘ when you started in January and now the romance is gone… you have to convince yourself to get the workout in, the cheats are growing in number and you are finding more reasons to rest than rise.

Don’t beat yourself up about it – you are human  – it’s what you do now that matters.

I have some tips to help you get your fitness mo-jo back but first you need to remember WHY you started in the first place. Was it a pair of jeans you’ve been hanging onto that you hope to be able to fasten again? An upcoming reunion where you want everyone to be super jealous of your fit bod? Do you want to be less winded when climbing the stairs? Are you travelling and have a goal bikini in mind?  Is it a big birthday and you’re feeling nostalgic for days past? Do you want to beat the bulge so you can chase your kids at the beach this summer?

Don’t forget – your reason can change – just like you do – maybe it’s time to revise the plan.

So now you know your WHY – here’s the how.

Schedule it into your day. Making health & fitness a habit is key to success.                                                If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This means not only scheduling a time to get your workout in, it also means meal planning and meal prep so you have the right foods on hand and ready to go when you feel ‘peckish’. Nothing will sabotage your good work like a hungry belly on the run. You can’t out work a bad diet so if you really wants to see changes it has to be the food and the exercise.

Stick to your schedule even when you aren’t sticking to the schedule.                                                     Life will get in the way, but how you deal with it will be a key factor in seeing results. If you really don’t have time for a full workout today take the stairs, do some squats in your free few minutes, eat a salad at the restaurant if you can’t home for dinner (dressing on the side).  Allow some deviations from the plan and learn how to modify recipes so it doesn’t become to hard.

Find a partner that keeps you accountable.                                                                                                    Whether it is a workout buddy, a personal trainer, or my personal favourite – an online fitness accountability group – you will always do more and work harder if others are watching, listening and in the same boat as you are. In my groups we check in with each other daily to make sure we get our workouts done, share recipes that fit the meal plan and when one of us falls we help lift them back up again.

Don’t over-do it on Day 1.                                                                                                                               Starting again is sometimes even harder than starting in the first place because you know what’s coming… you know – trying to go pee the day after leg day, trying to bring in the groceries for the first time after you’re worked your pipes – I know, it sucks – but that’s how you know it’s working. When you start again don’t be so hard on yourself – push it but don’t over-do it – you’ll be more likely to quit again, or take a few days off,  if you’re sore. Stretch it out afterwards and I cannot stress enough the importance of HYDRATION! Drinking water helps replace the fluids lost during the workout, helps you feel more full to reduce the likelihood of overeating, it aids in digestion and helps flush toxins from the body.

STAY OFF THE SCALE                                                                                                                                                      I know its hard but you have to, nothing is more disheartening than not seeing the the needle drop in the way you had hoped. Instead of the scale, do your measurements! Its amazing how your body can change while still maintaining the same weight. Now if you simply HAVE to hop on the scale then show some control – once a week at most and make it the same day and time each time.

Finally – if you stumble remember that tomorrow is a new day – pick it up where you left off and KEEP GOING. You’ve got this.

If you want to know more about online accountability groups and what the 21 Day Fix is all about please reach out – I am here for you.

I have a website that can give you more info on all the products available through Beachbody and a Facebook group that shares all kinds of fit tips and tricks as well as recipes that are great for you and taste even better!

My BeachBody Online Coach Website

There’s only ONE rule to Fit Club – Facebook






Facebook Foodie

We’ve all seen them – recipes that that make your mouth water as you scroll through the Facebook feed at any hour of the day or night – but are these tasty treats as good at home as they look on screen? I’ve tried a few for you and can give you the run down on changes I made and whether they were a hit or a miss.

***For full recipes please click recipe names to go straight to the source***

Fajita Quinoa Bowls

This one from Two Peas and Their Pod looked amazing – it really had everything I want in a meal so I had high hopes.

I served it on a plate which allowed me to pick and choose how the flavours came together – I’m weird – I know. The only things I changed from the recipe is that I added some cut boneless, skinless chicken breast to the veggies for more protein and instead of the Taco seasoning from Old El Paso I used the Southwest Seasoning from the 21 Day Fix meal plan. (Far less sodium that way).  It was DELICIOUS – this meal made it into the permanent rotation here at our place right away and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS!

          Verdict – Facebook foodie WIN

Eazy Peazy Mealz – Italian Chicken Meal Prep Bowls

I HATE doing dishes, therefore I ❤️ one pan/one pot meals. That made trying this recipe that uses only one sheet pan to cook up to 4, count ’em FOUR, meals a MUST. I tried this one last week and stuck to the recipe completely (with the exception of adding some asparagus I hand on hand to the veggie mix). The only other change I made was to choose not to serve it with any other side – this goes back to the hating dishes thing. This meant we got only 3 servings instead of four but no carbs – I was saving that for my evening glass of vino. Both Husband & I really liked it and not only will I make it again I will try some other spice/meat/veggie combinations to make it differently over and over again.

           Verdict – Facebook foodie WIN

Autumn Calabrese’ 21 Day Fix Approved Mini Egg Cups

For those of you that know me well I drink Shakeology religiously every, single, morning. Why? I like it – it tastes great, it’s SUPER easy to make (like less than a minute from start to face stuffing), and it keeps me full until lunch. BUT some days I need that amazingly tasty treat for lunch to keep my day on track so that leaves me in the lurch for breakfast. As much I love eating breakfast foods I’m not so keen on making them in the morning – insert the PERFECT fix – mini egg muffin cups. I made them as directed but as per usual I added a few veggies I had on hand that needed to be used up  – mushrooms and green pepper – plus a few pieces of cooked ham I had leftover from Sunday dinner – waste not, want not right? The recipe makes 12 muffin cups – you get 2 as a portion on the 21 day fix plan and they were fantastic – not to mention that Beast, Savage & Husband all loved them too (the kids got one egg cup each that I put on top of a toasted English muffin for the win). Easy, tasty and fits my 21 Day Fix eating plan – SCORES!

          Verdict – Facebook foodie WIN

Zucchini Pizza Bake – The Comfort of Cooking

I love pizza – maybe even more than cheesburgers (I’ve never had to go without either for too long so I can’t be sure which would break me if I was denied) – so when I was trying to ‘be good’ and stay on plan the Zucchini Pizza bake piqued my interest – satisfy the craving and keep the weight off? What could go wrong?

I followed this recipe to the letter – I didn’t add the pepperoni as it was optional. Let me just say – it is not pizza – BUT it satisfied the craving for sure. I’ve made this a few times and will continue to do so.

            Verdict – Facebook foodie WIN

Bruschetta Chicken –

This recipe came through my feed in video format as I watched the Bachelor on tv with wine in hand – I was feeling peckish , was already trying to refrain from stealing my husbands snacks and this video did not help.

Not one little bit.

I made it last night and it was another HUGE win. I pretty much followed the recipe… I was short for time and DYING to try it so I opted for store bought Bruschetta mix in place of fresh (won’t do that again – fresh is BEST). The recipe doesn’t really talk about sides so I went with organic quinoa and green beans – you do what works for you… what I like about this recipe is that it can be as healthy or as indulgent as your sides dishes are. I would make this for guests and know that pretty much everyone I’ve ever fed would enjoy it too.

            Verdict – Facebook foodie WIN

Go forth and make some good food people – trust the Facebook – it hasn’t let me down yet!

Up next to try is Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables from Tip Hero – my taste buds are ready, are yours?

Hey Mom! What’s to do? I’M BORED.

Here on the East Coast we have been out of school WAY MORE than in it recently.

Between holidays, snowmageddon, snowpocalypse and a teacher strike the kids have been in school 2 days of the last 14 days (yes I counted weekends).

That’s A WHOLE LOT of time stuck in the house for anyone – especially little people.

In case it helps you keep sane I’ve put together a list of a few BOREDOM BUSTERS that might make the next few days a little more bearable. Have fun and remember – some day they won’t want to hang out with you – make the most of these moments, even if you think it might break you!

101 Boredom Busters – Uses household items to make your own fun.

Winter Science Experiments – If you dare!

Indoor Picture Scavenger Hunt – Use a digital camera to capture images of all the items on the list.

Elementary School Homework Printables – If you want to keep their brains sharp you can find some great activity pages here.

Stay strong –  they’ll go back soon.


Valentine’s Day is coming. You ready?

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?

Parents, that’s who.

First we have to get our hands on ‘the class list’ to decide how many ‘somethings’ we need per kid, decide what to give them that maybe won’t be thrown in the trash the minute they get home and then fight with our kids to write the godforsaken things BEFORE we send them to school on the morning of the 14th. Oh yeah – don’t forget to put them in the already too full backpack – been there, done that. Parent fail #3672.

Happy, happy, happy freaking Valentine’s day, right?

Well this year to add to the mix we cannot send any food products to little Savages’ class as there is a severe food allergy. No biggie, as I often do, I turned to Pinterest to save the day – I searched for non food related Valentine’s Day ideas… I found a SUPER cute bouncy ball idea and printed a bunch of toppers that said ‘Valentine, you make my heart bounce’. Savage stuffed the balls into mini baggies, she stapled the tops on and just like that we were DONE (for her anyway) – she didn’t have to write one, single name!

Free Valentine, You Make My Heart Bounce Printable

One down, one to go – naturally with 3.5 years between the two girls the oldest, Beast, wanted nothing to do with bouncy balls – she was ‘over those’.

Huh?? Did I hear that right?

Wasn’t it you JUST YESTERDAY fighting with your sister for YOUR turn with the bouncy ball you found under the couch?

Over it, my ass… (Serenity now)

Ok then Beast – no to the bouncy balls – got it – back to Pinterest for ‘age’ appropriate ideas… That’s when I found it – Pop Rocks Valentines – ha ha ha ha ha – YES! (pretty sure the 4th grade parents will all hate me but I’m always up for a little spice in my life.)

They are too cute – take a package of Pop Rocks, staple the FREE printable (which reads either ‘You Rock’ or ‘You Are A Blast’) to the front and your kid only has to write THEIR own name? You can handle that right? Beast nods emphatically YES.

Free Pop Rocks Valentine Printable

Done and done – one trip to the Dollar Store, a quick stop at Bulk Barn, some printer paper and in only a few minutes we were DONE with Valentine’s Day for 2017!

With all our extra time we took a few minutes to make a fingerprint heart canvas for me – who knows, it may be all I get. (Kidding Husband literally JUST brought flowers home on Friday so he’s good for awhile).

Oh yeah baby – if you need me I’ll have my feet up with a glass of wine toasting my amazing parenting ability.




Jumping in… all freaking in…

I’ve FINALLY done it – for years my friends have been telling me to start a blog – and I’ve seriously thought about it many times but just couldn’t seem to get there in my head.

Until NOW.

I know it’s time – my hand is in so many pies and there is always something happening around here that I think you’ll enjoy hearing about the good, the bad and the completely ridiculous.

My life is good – for those of you that don’t know me – I’m a mom of two fantastic girls, Beast (9) and Savage (6) – (no, NOT their real names) and am married to a (mostly) great man – Husband. We live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada and live every day to fullest (unless the weather is shite and then we stay in, binge-watch TV and eat crap.)

I don’t sit well so in addition to raising my kids and managing my husband I am a full-time Beachbody online fitness coach, sell custom corporate pewter giftware for Aitkens Pewter, help a local craftsman pedal his homemade playhouses, yard sale the crap out our WAY TOO short season and try pretty much everything I see on Pinterest. These are the things that make me happy – well these and copious amounts of wine (Duh).

I want this to be a place you come to laugh, cry and hopefully realize it is truly the same shit in a different house.

Thank you to those that encouraged me to do this (FINALLY) and I hope you like what you see.

Sometimes you have to take a chance on you.

I was miserable.

I HATED every, single thing in my wardrobe – I hated me, I hated EVERYTHING which, if you know me – is just not me. I just felt fat, emotional and mean.I didn’t want to go anywhere, or do anything.

I didn’t want to change but I knew I HAD to.

My huge master plan was to keep complaining about my body but not actually DO anything about how I was feeling.

How do you think that worked out for me?

As much as I hated how I felt I was afraid to fail. I had NEVER worked out, like EVER, EVER.

I didn’t want to stop eating treats and drinking ALL the wine. I had never had to watch what I ate before.

After a wonderful family vacation on Disney Cruise Lines I saw pictures of me in a bathing suit and for me, I knew I just couldn’t keep going that way. It was my wake up call. But where to start?

I knew people that were Beachbody coaches, I saw their posts – I saw how they had successes in their fitness journeys and decided it was time to try it myself. With the support of Husband we tried a Beachbody program called the 21 Day Fix – it allowed me to work out AT HOME (I was terrified of the gym – I had NO idea where to start or the first freaking clue about what to do with the equipment and was WAAAAAAY too self-conscious to ever take a class!), I had the online support of an at home fitness coach that kept me motivated and accountable every day) and used an eating plan that never left me hungry, was easy to follow and even allowed for an occasional treat.

It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T for me. I lost 20lbs, learned how to change my eating habits to maintain the losses and actually started enjoying the workouts. What the WHAT? True story. 3 years later (almost to the day) and my life is nothing but better for that leap of faith.

If you think you’re feeling the same way and feel I might be a fit for you I would love to chat about your goals and how I may be able to help you feel better about your every day.

#21DayFix #CoachLife #Beachbody #ChooseYou #YouAreWorthIt